To Become Wealthy.....You Must Understand The "Money Moves" Of The Wealthy!

DEBT and TAXES are devastating the way Americans accumulate their wealth and build their retirement income.

More than 50% of what Americans earn in their lifetime is forever lost to paying taxes and interest.

Why guess and hope for the best by chasing rates of returns? Let's just do the math!

This is where we start!

Debt elimination and Tax reduction!

We believe everybody has a "Next Step" to become better! Even the best can become better! We want to help you take your "Next Step" with your finances. We use the advanced "Money Moves" of the wealthy to accelerate you to your financial goals!

Chad Free

Black Diamond Money Moves Co-Founder

Author | Speaker | Dedicated Wealth Coach | Status Quo Disrupter

Chad Free

Black Diamond Money Moves Co-Founder

Author | Speaker | Dedicated Wealth Coach | Status Quo Disrupter

The success of your retirement depends on the amount you save, not on your rate of return. "Black Diamond Money Moves" are not traditional planning models. We can't solve new world problems with the traditional old world solutions!

Most debt are liabilties that are costing you, but our "Double Black Diamond" planning models often include SMART leverage with appreciating assets that work for you and not against you!

Introducing to you

A unique SDIC (Special Designed Insurance Contract) using smart leverage offers an opportunity to earn interest and eliminate the risk of market declines while providing you and your family protection. The contract secures the loan, providing you the potential for an additional 60-100% more for your retirement without the typical risks associated with leverage.

Smart Leverage

  • No credit checks
  • No loan documents
  • No personal guarantees
  • No interest payments

More Potential Growth

  • Upside crediting (subject to cap)
  • No negative returns (no loss due to market declines)
  • Tax-free distributions (potential to access cash value using tax-free policy loans)

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Estimate your potential benefits to see how much more you could get with this "Double Black Diamond" planning model using the Kai-Zen Strategy

Our "Triple Black Diamond" planning model is considered an Estate Planning Breakthrough for High Net Worth families and businesses.

An Exclusive Planning Strategy that creates millions of cost-free planning dollars for qualified clients and businesses. This is a patented funding model that is 100% funded with no cost or recourse to the client.

(NOT Premium Finance)

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